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Our guide to selling

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However in the mean time if you're looking for tips on how to get the best price for your home? Want to know when's the best time to sell? Or what to do if your property isn't selling? Read on...

Our guide to selling
  • Selling Quickly

    Almost 1 million people each year fail to secure a fast sale of their property. This could be for a number of reasons but we want to ensure the chances of a delayed sale is minimised so we've put forward a guide for you to follow.

  • Pricing too high can be as grave as pricing too low

    • When you get a property valuation the estate agent will assess your home's true market value and put your property up for sale at a realistic price.
    • If you list too high you may miss buyers in the price range where your home should be.
    • What's more, you may not even get offers because you will have scared off interested buyers
  • Don't prevent a viewing with a shoddy exterior appearance to your property

    • Many buyers drive past a property before deciding whether or not to look inside.
    • The outside of your property will have less than a minute to make a good first impression.
    • Mow the lawn, trim shrubs and trees, and weed the garden. Clear paths and drives of leaves and other rubbish.
    • Repair gutters and eaves, touch up the exterior paint and repair or resurface cracked drives and paths.
    • Place flowers in pots and/or hanging baskets at the front of the property if appropriate near the door.
  • Could your house do with a touch-up? Makes it easier to sell

    • Most buyers are looking for a property in good condition that they can move into straight away.
    • Buyers who are willing to do the repairs after moving in automatically take the cost of this work off the price they offer.
    • You save nothing by not doing the necessary repairs and chances are 9 times out of 10 you'll slow down the sale of your property.
    • Spending some money for necessary work on your property before you sell it usually makes sure you get a better price and sell more quickly.
  • Buyers will not hesitate to leave if the house doesn't look or feel as if they could make it their home.

    • Most buyers are looking for an attractive property they can move into straight away.
    • Brixanne Morter will advise you which repairs and replacements are most important to get a sale at the right price.
  • Do not exceed the investment in repairs and replacements to your home

    • Be careful that the cost of your improvements does not exceed the amount of additional money they will bring in when you sell. Make sure your improvements do not raise the value of your home too far above that of other similar houses in your area, as you may not get your money back when you sell.
    • You cannot expect improvements to increase your sale price in excess of 20% than that for a comparable home in your neighbourhood whatever you do or spend.
    • Brixanne Morter can advise you as to improvements that will raise the value of your home when you sell. Offering flexibility in financing options may encourage more prospective buyers.
  • Offering flexibility in financing options may encourage more prospective buyers

    • Consider offering to pay some of the buyer's completion costs or include a one-year home warranty, or other buyer incentives. This is relative to circumstance however.
  • Prospective buyers will feel more comfortable if the current owners are not there

    • If you are in the house during a viewing it can make buyers feel like they are intruding.
    • They need to be able to visualize your house as their home. This can be difficult with you being around reminding them it is still your home.
    • Brixanne Morter will be pleased to show people around your home and will know when to leave them alone to look and talk by themselves.
  • Don't be the buyer's adversary

    Both you and the buyer have the same goal: for you to sell your home and for the buyer to buy it. Work with us to approach negotiations positively and with a win-win frame of mind.

  • You should reply immediately to an offer

    When a buyer makes an offer, that buyer is, at that moment in time, ready to buy your home. Moods can change and you don't want to lose the sale because you stalled in replying.