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Surrounded by options? Don't know where to begin your search?

Luckily for YOU- amongst all the noise out there, there is one stand-out tune to click your fingers to...and 'Brixanne Morter' is the composer!

Here's why:


  • Being based in a location easily accessible via central transportation links we're incredibly easy to find.
  • A leading edge website updated hourly ensuring you are ALWAYS knowledgeable regarding the rental market, property availability and market pace
  • High profile advertising - We market on all major portals, and more therefore it's likely we've your rescued your search by finding you before you've found us!
  • We socialise where you do: Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Blogs even Youtube so it's virtually impossible to not reach us!

Tailor Fitted

  • We work for you the moment you contact us, no matter your requirements; if it's not already on our portfolio, WE'LL FIND IT! We offer you a Bespoke Service.
  • We work a six day week with the hours extended on most weekdays to cater to everybody's schedule.
  • Viewings are very flexible; you can request viewings online, via email or by a quick telephone call.


  • We pride ourselves on our interpersonal nature. Behind the suit lays a person you can relate to making your "stressful property search" feel more like a stroll on a summer's day.
  • We ooze excellence and reward our staff if their custom has been deemed excellent. They'll go the extra mile for your smile.

What you don't know?


  • We'll take the time to inform you. We will answer your queries and keep you informed with our letting guide and property news if you need an expert opinion just ask us.

Your Confidence...


  • ..and peace of mind is assured from your first contact with us. However if ever you needed surety of our professional service, we are members of NALS, The Property Ombudsmen, Officers of Fair Trade and NAEA.

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